Know your Officers and Reps

Know your Officers and Reps

Please get in touch with City or Walsall branch membership secretaries if you are not receiving local branch emails. It is also possible to update your membership centrally by registering for the union’s eServices.

City Campus Branch:

Secretary: Aidan Byrne
Chair: Mike Cunningham
Membership: Karin Dannehl

Disability rep: Veronica Grant

Faculty of Arts, Business & Social Science reps:

Lee Crofts

Mike Cunningham

Sam Pryke

Michael Rees

Sarah Whitfield (Walsall)

Anne-Marie Beaumont (Walsall)

Faculty of Science & Engineering reps:

Anthony Hatfield

Adrian Priest

James Vickers

Janine Fletcher

Paul Barrow

Ruth Fairclough

Faculty of Education, Health & Well-Being:

Veronica Grant (City)

Matthew Murphy (City)

Ada Adeghe (Walsall)

Dan Bate: Academic Coaches & GTA rep (Walsall)

University Negotiating Committee:

Chair: Catherine Lamond
Secretary: Paul Barrow
Vice Chair and Academic Related: Ben Andrews
Green rep: Aidan Byrne

Equality & Diversity rep: Ruth Fairclough

Anti-Casualisation rep: Grace Millar

BAME rep: Abi Spence

Michael Rees

Karin Dannehl

Mike Cunningham

Sam Pryke

Anne Marie-Beaumont

Janine Fletcher

Lee Crofts

Walsall Branch:

Chair: Anne-Marie Beaumont (Arts)

Secretary and Membership: Ben Andrews (FEHW)

Dan Bate: Academic Coaches & GTA rep (FEHW)

Equality & Diversity rep: Ada Adeghe (FEHW)

Women and Nonbinary Rep: Sarah Whitfield (Arts)

Health & Safety Peter Bridges (Arts)