Wolves UCU fights reduction in research activity

Wolverhampton UCU has passed a motion of no confidence in the management of the Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences in their ability and willingness to foster a thriving research environment in the faculty because of the removal of hundreds of hours of research time from lecturing staff in 2024/5.

The full text of the motion is:

Following FABSS management’s failure to engage with colleagues’ serious concerns regarding the withdrawal of additional research hours raised in our communications with Faculty and University leaders, UCU members at the Branch Meeting on 15 May voted unanimously to express no confidence in your ability to put in place an equitable and successful research allocation model and call on you to reverse this decision or step down before the completion of Workload Allocation at the end of May 2024

Pay Rises 2023/4

The University of Wolverhampton is currently deferring all pay rises (not pay scale increments) for 11 months from the date of implementation across the sector, and without backpay. So all staff will lose 11 months salary increase permanently. The August 2022 rise was implemented in July 2023. The interim rise as part of the 2023 pay rise which the rest of the sector received in February 2023 will be implemented in January 2024, and the final part of that year’s pay rise will be seen by Wolverhampton staff in July 2024. Wolverhampton UCU have been informed by University Executive Board that there is no limit to the period in which the university can delay pay rises