Workload presentation and workshop 1st November 2021

Workload Allocation Workshop 1 November 2021 Workload Handbook 2021-22 latest (9-6-21) annotated by PW

Workload allocation is part of your contractual terms & conditions

Above is the script and the latest Workload Handbook

These are the rough notes of Penny Welch’s presentation and the discussion that followed.

If contractual limits are breached, members not protected from stress, quality of provision under threat, failing duty of care

Do initial calculation yourself, especially as some line managers not v good 1.2.2 guidance isn’t interpretation but contractual

Uni operates all year round, but staff don’t

30th June is the deadline for WLA to be agreed

2.10 important paragraph

4.8 clear statement


Hours are maximums not targets


Observations are teaching hours? Travel time and feedback? Stuck with this travel time problem – should be in NSD. Inequitable if you are travelling and others not. (European Travel Time Directory) Campaign with UCU Reps

Programme leader  – problem because award word used not applied equitably  – have to be given time for work you do

Are we still working on temporary COVID WLA? – No.  Blended learning 75/25 students 4 hours pr week TRPM not being received – 2.10 para what students get you get with prep and marking time  Only mod leaders have TRPM. This is Rubbish

Placement personal tutors 9 hours per student used to be 18;  this is  AAM

Assessment and teaching 2 hours teaching 2 hours marking but can’t do the marking in that time – mismatch then redistribute or extra hours

If mark essays but do not teach the students  – not good pedagogically – use UG diss tariff 4 hours for 20 credit diss – count as teaching

WLA cover for staff on sickness absence. Handbook falls down here – important  – cover is teaching and if up to hours then can’t be asked to cover. Cover not NSD

How can we challenge without annoying LM? Be super reasonable and do calculations for them. Solve problem without WLR committee. Nicest possible way then mtg with rep, then WLRC

L/SL question L doing SL duties – not implemented fairly across UoW. We need transparency so that we can challenge.

Research: supervisors taken away without discussion when there is more UG teaching. Not fair on staff or students.

Meetings: if belonging to more than one team, invited to many more meetings – keep a record as evidence of needing more hours.

UCU reps can support individuals but from this meeting it is clear there are departments which are pockets of poor practice and it would be good to get members together to challenge